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Acrylic Sheet Plexiglass

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With coronavirus cases surging in the U.S., many people are concluding they'll have to learn to live with the virus until a COVID-19 vaccine is widely available — and that's led to a huge increase in orders for plexiglass and other types of clear plastic barriers meant to keep us safe.

"Demand is ridiculously high," said Jackie Yong, a 17-year employee of J. Freeman, Inc., a plastics distributor and sign supplier in Boston whose products include plexiglass and other plastic sheets. "Everything's just been flying out the door."

That's the story of the plexiglass industry these days: As many businesses struggle to reopen safely during the pandemic, from nail salons to barbershops to restaurants to casinos, they're installing protective barriers to try to prevent employees and customers from catching the virus.

"People are afraid they're going to lose their businesses, and so they're trying to put up as much protection as possible so that when people come, they'll feel safe," said J. Freeman, Inc., owner Jacqueline Freeman.

"We've had people asking for massive amounts — 400, 500, 600 sheets," she added. "Before it even hits our building, it's gone."

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